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  • By Premier Family Administration
  • 29 Nov, 2016

If time heals all wounds, the American Fork office has done more than it's fair share of healing. Established more than 50 years ago as the American Fork Clinic, our providers have proven that quality patient care is both a priority and a time-honored tradition. Long-term staff members add to the feeling that once you come here, you are part of a family who knows your history and cares about you.

Located at 226 North 1100 East (directly north of the American Fork Hospital),   our AF office has a number of providers who are accepting new patients in addition to well-established practitioners who offer a full range of family practice services.

Justin Crop, DO, has special expertise with colonoscopies, acupuncture, vasectomies, and neck/back adjustments. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Crop can help with patients who prefer that language. He is accepting new patients.

David Hafen, MD, speaks Mandarin Chinese. He can prescribe Accutane for acne treatment if that is your need. He has a strong interest in newborn and pediatric care but can care for teens and adults as well.

Mark Hafen, DO, provides care in several special situations including: allergy testing and treatment, colposcopies or LEEPs (for abnormal pap smear results), Accutane for acne, genetic testing for medications, IUDs or Nexplanon insertion/removal, spinal manipulation, treadmill stress testing, vasectomies, and skin cancer removal. As an added plus, he speaks German.

Josh Hardman, DO, is accepting new patients for most insurances. He treats a variety of family practice needs and would like you to join his practice.

Doug Mower, MD, offers years of experience with special expertise in treatment of diabetes and women's health. He speaks Spanish.

Kenneth "Joe" Murdock, MD, is the senior member at this office. Providing care in all aspects of family medicine, Dr. Murdock has a loyal patient following and offers special care to geriatric (older) patients.

Steve Ruiz is our physician's assistant. He often provides coverage when a doctor is not available or during urgent care. Steve knows a great deal about migraines, auto immune disorders, and will often give you a reason to smile, despite your problem or concern.

The AF office has on site DEXA capabilities (to check bone density), xray facilities, and laboratory services. Urgent Care is available in the evenings and on Saturdays. Please call (801) 855-3840 and join our Premier Family today!

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