Melinda M. Midgley, MD

Family Practice Physician & Urgent Care Doctor located in Mountain Point, Lehi, UT

At Premier Family Medical, Dr. Melinda Midgley is a leading provider of a diverse range of family medicine, preventive medicine, chronic care, and urgent care and treatment for patients of all age ranges, from birth through the whole of life. She also specializes in pediatrics. Dr. Midgley can help Provo-Orem area patients with chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol in addition to being extensively trained in gynecology.

She received her undergraduate degree in Biology from the Brigham Young University. Dr. Midgley earned her medical degree from the University of Utah’s Medical School. She completed her residency at Southern Colorado Family Medicine, then began doctoring at Premier Family Medical in Pleasant Grove, UT. She has delivered babies and continued caring for families there for 12 years. She returns to Premier Family Medical to work at Mountain Point Medical Center in Lehi, UT.

Dr. Midgley enjoys caring for the pediatric patient, though she chose Family Medicine to continue caring for patients throughout their lives including the elderly. She performs well child exams, can provide immunizations, and performs circumcisions. Your child's health management can continue on through adulthood with Dr. Midgley.

When she is not practicing, Dr. Midgley enjoys spending her free time with her spouse and five children in addition to watching them play soccer tournaments. She also competes in western region track meets and holds seven records in the 400-meter race and the 800-meter race.

Dr. Midgley welcomes patients of all ages to her practice and can work with most major forms of medical insurance.

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Dr. Midgley will be able to perform the diverse range of Family Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Chronic Care, and Urgent Care for patients of all age ranges, from birth through the whole of life. Her favorite area is pediatrics.

She can manage a range of chronic conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. With her personal love of sports and the outdoors, she is adept at counseling people for health and wellness.

Melinda has special training in gynecology to perform not only pap smears, and the well woman exam, but procedures for when patients have abnormal pap smears, or diagnosis of abnormal post-menopausal bleeding. She can perform hymenectomies. She can perform removal of minor lumps, bumps, cancerous growths, and infectious abscesses. She can remove ingrown toenails, and freeze warts. Sports injuries can be evaluated, with referral for casting when needed, or continued management of sprains and strains. We can provide braces for carpal tunnel, sprained ankles, and other orthopedic conditions. Dr. Midgley can also suture wounds closed.

Dr. Midgley especially enjoys caring for the pediatric patient, but chose Family Medicine so that she could continue care throughout the life cycle including care for the elderly. She will begin care of your child beginning at their first well child check. We perform all of their immunizations. For the newborns, she performs circumcisions when desired. Dr. Midgley will engage the parents in meaningful plans and evaluations for well child checks. Your child's health management can continue on through adulthood with Dr. Midgley.
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