Our Saratoga Springs Office Has Been Leading The Way Since 2011.

  • By Premier Family Administration
  • 04 Nov, 2016

Trusted healthcare in your neighborhood.

Anticipating the need for healthcare in an area of rapid growth, our Saratoga Springs office has been leading the way since 2011. Doctors Shawn McManus , Miles Layton, and physician assistant Aaron Elswood , together provide a comprehensive range of family practice services to the population west of Lehi. This youthful trio is a great option if you are looking for someone who will be around long-term to provide care for your growing family.

Doctors are accepting new patients from the Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs area. You'll find them at 1528 North Commerce Drive, Suite #204 in Saratoga Springs, or call (801) 766-8427.

Parlez vous francais? Dr. McManus can help! In addition to regular health check ups, sick call, medication checks, and women's health, he also does IUD and Nexplanon implants, cortisone joint injections, genetic testing for cancer and psychiatric concerns, and treatment for sports injuries.

Sprechen ze deutsche? Dr. Layton is your guy! In addition to services offered by Dr. McManus, Dr. Layton also does vasectomies and colonoscopies. If you want to belly ache about your gastric problems, Dr. Layton has years of experience as the head of GI for the army at Fort Benning, GA. He can ease your pain.

And Aaron? Well, el habla espanol. Aaron does cortisone injections, derm procedures, genetic testing, women's health, and often provides expertise in Urgent Care.

No matter your healthcare need, language, or insurance, chances are we can find a custom fit with one of our skilled providers. Give us a call!

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