Premier Family Holiday Traditions

  • By Premier Family Medical
  • 22 Dec, 2016
One of the best things about this time of year is gathering with family and friends and carrying on long standing traditions.  It's what makes the holidays, the holidays.  From our family to yours, here are some of our favorite traditions from around our offices.  
Premier Family Medical has a holiday party each December where we get the whole group together in one place to celebrate. We start with an amazing meal and end with some type of entertainment. One year each building was in charge of creating a funny skit and then we had a panel of physicians judge the winner, another year we played Minute to Win It and another year we had a talent contest. This year our physicians teamed up to play Family Feud with our administrator, Robert, as the host. Our providers and staff members truly make Premier Family Medical a wonderful place and we appreciate them all. 
Salena - I remember growing up and having Christmas pillow cases to put on our pillows the first day of December. This tradition has carried on with my kids and grandkids. 

Trinette Krebs - My children enjoy giving out the neighborhood gifts. We make an evening of it.  

Shannon - We have many holiday traditions in our house with the kids but we also do a charitable donation each year. This year we have an old friend who is raising her 6 year old granddaughter and her husband has been out of work with major medical problems so we are providing gifts for the granddaughter. 

Shar - My family watches Christmas Vacation together every year
Joylynn - I always have a cupcake or the like with a candle in it set up first thing Christmas morning and we sing happy birthday to Jesus then sing I'm Trying To Be Like Jesus together as a family. It's very quiet and peaceful. My kids love it!

Dr. Timo Hoggard - We combine the Finnish Christmas with the classic American. We draw names of family members and buy them a gift. Then on Christmas Eve we have a family dinner and open those presents. Then on Christmas morning we open Santa's gifts. We always limited Santa's gifts to 3 gifts representing the three wisemen.

Ned - Our family likes to watch Scrooge together every year. 

Lynell - Every year on the day after Thanksgiving my family for as many years as I can remember goes on our annual Christmas tree hunt. We spend many hours hiking through the mountains in the Fairview area to find just the perfect trees. Once the trees are cut and loaded in the trucks, my husband pulls the grandkids on sleds through the snow with his truck. They enjoy this so much laughing and enjoying the fun time with their cousins. Once everyone is worn out from hiking and sledding, we go to a small cafe in Fairview where we have hot chocolate and eat dinner. My family and I love this tradition!
Katie - We always make the most delicious, gooey, butterscotch and pecan “Christmas Rolls” the night before Christmas! They raise all night in a bundt pan and then Santa puts the in the oven when he stops by to bring presents because they take quite a while to cook. When we wake up the house smells delicious and we have warm gooey “Christmas Rolls” to eat while opening presents!

Kim - One of our favorite family traditions is our gingerbread contest. We get together with a couple families, draw teams and then start building. Then we have another neighbor come over and judge our creations. The kids love it, young and old.

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